Warming Up-2019 Kid's Expo&Children's Expo

2018-07-20 14:56:05

The 10th China International Kid’s Education Expo and Children’s Essential Qualities-Oriented Education Expo will see you in June next year in Guangzhou

Through a strategic combination of the model covers“ topic forum + thematic symposium + exhibition + unique courses roadshow + award + public welfare activity + on-spot visiting and learning”,  the 10th International Kid’s Education Expo and the 3rd China Preschool Education Conference short for kid’s expo) and the 2nd Children's Essential-Qualities-Oriented Education Expo (short for Children's Expo ) will continually meet you in June 2019, with the aim of improving the quality of preschool education, promoting concepts of scientific parenting and early childhood education, as well as building a convenient platform for academic exchange and industrial cooperation. So far, Kid’s Expo has constructed itself as a bridge for concept exchange and product showcase for early childhood education industry at home and abroad.

The past 9 editions of Kid’s Expo has witnessed the flourishing and sustainable development of Chinese early childhood education market. The thriving industry in China also attracted foreign exhibitors' participation this year, who come from UK, Australia, Singapore, Korea, and Japan, injecting vigor and vitality for the Kid's Expo 2018.  In 2019, Kid’s Expo will expand to cover an show area of more than 30,000 sqm to meet its' new requirement, and will accommodate 800 company exhibitors to showcase their brands.

Kid’s Expo( aged 3-6)  Exhibit Range: 

Kids Learning & Courses: textbooks, electronics items, multimedia products, interactive app, online courses, cloud services, etc.

Kids Hobbies: musical instrument, painting tools, dance, handcraft, , sports supplies, etc.

Kids Toys & Games: Puzzles, lego, enlightenment toys, intelligent toys, diverse games, etc.

Kids Living Supplies: stationery, clothing, uniform, furniture, bedding items, etc.

Kindergarten Management: kindergarten-family apps, management software, kindergarten planning, brand franchising, etc.

Kindergarten Design &Construction : kindergarten design, environment construction, eco-friendly floor, grassland, amusement facilities, safety facilities, etc.

Preschool Institutions: international kindergarten, preschool education groups, kid-parent interactive center, preschool teacher training, etc

Special Kids Services: special kids therapy, training center, non-profit center

Related Products& Services: kids safety, insurance, etc

Children’s Expo(aged 6-12)  Exhibit Range:

STEAM: science, technology, engineer, art, mathematics

Maker Education

Education Institute

E-learning: online learning APP, software and hardware, etc.

Sports: courses, equipment, related products of all kinds of balls, roller skating, kung fu, educational cheese, boxing, taekwondo, water activity, ice and snow activity, etc.

3D Printing : equipment and application in education

VR & AR: application technology in education

Robot: robotic education courses, training, products, etc.

Life attainment training: thinking training, speech training, EQ training, financial education, anti-frustration education, etiquette education, cooking training, foreign language training, etc.

Study and Travel: yoosure, camp education base and institution, etc.


Kid’s Expo and Children’s Expo are sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Education Society Institute of Pre-school Education and organized by Guangzhou Auch Exhibition Services Company Limited. Warm notice that Auch Exhibition is the only legal company in China to provide exhibition service to both exhibitors at home and abroad.

Many thanks for your consistent support and trust of Kid’s Expo and Children’s Expo.