About Intellectual Property Rights Protection

2018-02-08 16:23:22

Kid’s Expo will strengthen the study and implementation of the law of intellectual property rights protection

The organizer of Kid’s Expo attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property, aims to build a faithful, healthy and normative exhibition platform to all exhibitors. We will strictly comply with regulations of the Protection Measures for Intellectual Property Rights(IPRs)of Exhibitions of Guangzhou City and Complaints and Treatment Methods of Intellectual Property Rights Protections, protect the trade mark right, copyright and patent right of the domestic and overseas exhibitors.

Intellectual Property Rights Protection to exhibitors

1. Exhibitors should carefully read and comprehensively understand the invitation of the expo, and should comply with the regulations of the expo. The expo organizer reserve the right to explain the expo name, expo time, expo content, expo division, and expo pavilions. The digital version of this declaration has the same legal effect as the original one.

2.Exhibition deposit will not be returned if the exhibitors need to withdraw from the expo for personal reasons after signing the contract. And it’s to mentioned that apart from the space fee for exhibition, other fees like the rental of additional furniture, water fee, electricity fee, transportation fee of the exhibits, travel expenses should be covered by the exhibitors themselves. 

3. Exhibitors are requested to strictly stick to the regulation of the expo. Any behaviour to disturb the normal trading order of the expo is to be prohibited. Exhibitors should not showcase any product or service which infringe other person’s/ company’s intellectual property rights. The organizer has the right to dispel such exhibitors who violate the regulation of the expo. Any consequence caused by this will be borne by exhibitors.

Intellectual Property Rights Protection to We Media and Exhibition Spot

1. Kid’s Expo organizer will publish indication information of intellectual property rights protection on the conspicuous position of the official website.

2. Kid’s Expo will put up propaganda posters on conspicuous position in the venue, and will publish the consultancy as well as the complaint hot line for infringement. 

3. When the dispute of intellectual property rights happens, you should immediately contact the related management department to help. 

4. We will invite legal service institutions to the expo, who will provide on-spot consultancy service to the exhibitors and buyers.

5.Kid’s Expo will actively take part in relevant activities of intellectual property rights held by related government department.