Early childhood education industry prospect in China

2016-09-20 09:52:16



Newly-opened kindergarten every year



Prospective market in preschool education in China

There will be hundred-billion consumption of early childhood education. Supposed that about $15 is invested in a child’s education under 6 per family, total consumption of kid’s education market under 6 will be up to 15 x 12 x 86 million = $15.48 billion

The gross kindergarten enrollment has been drastically increased for the past decade

According to education ministry, up to the end of 2014, the total preschool enrollment has come to 40.51 million while it is 20.89 million in 2004. It is summarized by the national education development trend, the total preschool enrollment will go up by 1400 in the coming decade. The penetration rate of preschool education will come to 75% by 2016, 85% by 2020, 70.5% by 2014.



By 2022, 7.6% urban family in China will achieve middle-class income, thus average consumption will increase.

As the impulse of abolishing one-child policy, the newly-born population was rebounded in 2014 and has been going up.


Industry background

By the coming 5 to 10 years, the prospective market of education industry in China will up to $150 billion.

Education industry will be more branding, specializing and chain-oriented.