Review of Pre-school Education Conference 2016&The 7th International Kid’s Education Expo

2016-08-04 10:32:37

Pre-school Education Conference 2016&The 7th International Kid’s Education Expo has been successfully held from June 3rd to 5th, which has attracted thousands of kindergarten directors, distributors, professional buyers, agents and other visitors.

Each exhibitor has presented their own unique products and techs in kid’s education, caring and kindergarten facilities. As previous years, we can see some common and traditional exhibiting products, such as kindergarten furniture, floor, playground, books for kids studying, but most of them are blended with new elements, for instance, the floor with innocuous substance, the books with more educational content, the playground with safer design.


Besides common exhibiting products, there are many attractive and advanced products and techs on site. Interactive whiteboard, English learning utilizing AR tech, traditional culture learning with funny teaching, hobby cultivating such as piano learning in group have been showed up during the expo. 

It is those exhibitors providing those products to the present visitors that makes Kid’s Expo 2016 a great success. Without the support from the exhibitors, visitors, media partners and other institutions and organization, Kid’s Expo 2016 won’t achieve such remarkable success and result. In addition, during this expo, those parties engaged has gained and obtained what they expect to have. It’s glad to have all of them together in Kid’s Expo 2016.

We welcome your joining to us. If you are interested in participating in Kid’s Expo 2017, please feel free to contact us.