Intellectual Property


Auch Exhibitions has always attached great importance to the protection of the intellectual property rights during exhibitions, and is committed to building credible, sound and orderly business transaction platforms for its exhibitors and visitors.

In China, Auch Exhibitions group of companies, in active response to the campaign of “Conventions & Exhibitions under Blue-Sky”jointly launched by the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, National Copyright Administration and State Intellectual Property Office, will further help enhance the participants’awareness of IPR protection at both inbound and outbound events it organizes in the future by taking the following measures, to do our best to help protect the trademark right, copyright and patent of enterprises from home and abroad:

a. Post tips on IPR protection during exhibitions at notable positions of the company’s website and show websites, including release of Measures for the Protection of IPR during Exhibitions, expert advices on IPR protection during exhibitions, contacts of regulatory bodies for IPR protection during exhibitions and relevant legal service providers;

b. Post IPR protection publicity posters, IPR infringement complaint hotline number at obvious places on the sites of its exhibitions in China;

c. In the event of any dispute over IPR at the event organized by Auch Exhibitions in China, the local regulatory authority on IPR protection will be contacted immediately for settlement;

d. Invite IPR legal service providers to set up service counters at the events of Auch Exhibitions in need of such services, so as to provide on-site IPR protection consultation services for both exhibitors and visitors;

e. Invite IPR legal service providers to give lectures on IPR protection during certain events organized by Auch Exhibitions in China;

f. Keep close contact with regulatory bodies for IPR protection during exhibitions and actively coordinate with relevant activities conducted by governmental IPR departments for IPR protection during exhibitions.