Exhibitor Profile

Preschool Institutions

distinctive kindergartens, international kindergarten, preschool education groups, kids-parents centers, preschool teacher training, etc

Teaching Materials       

textbooks of diverse subjects, electronics whiteboard,

multimedia products, musical instrument, painting tools, etc.

Special Courses   

interest-oriented classes, kindergarten curriculum, intelligent game courses, enlightment courses, etc.

Kids Toys & Clothes    

enlightment toys, intelligent toys, teaching toys, physical toys, handcraft, shoes, skirts, etc

Kindergarten Facilities 

outdoor entertainment facilities, furniture, bed, chair , desk, school bus, etc.

Kindergarten Products 

school uniform, schoolbag, stationery, bedding products, dinnerwave, etc.

Kindergarten Software  

management software, interactive software, multi-media teaching, online teaching etc.

Kindergarten Construction

kindergarten design, environment construction, eco-friendly floor, grassland, safety facilities, etc.

Kids Online Education   

online education platform, education resources, recorded broadcast and the live system, online interactive platform, online exam ,cloud services etc.

Related Services    

kids photographing, kid- parent interactive community, outdoor experience, insurance, etc.